Who we are, what we do!

Maxi Distribución, S.A. de C.V. was founded on October 1980 starting business operations on January 1981.  Since our foundation, Maxi Distribución was created as a specialized company for selling and printing promotional products.  Due to the economical and commercial restrictions present at those times, during our first years Maxi Distribución, S.A. de C.V. could only provide a small range of items such as disposable lighters and ball point pens.  In the following years, we included other useful items such as keyholders, razors, caps and other plastics. Later on as Mexico's economy started to open to foreign trade and mainly after Mexico's acceptance into the WTO (formerly GATT) we started to widen our product range.  Now at days we can offer our customers a wide variety of items reaching more than 520 in summer 2007, all of them in stock.

Among our business partners we are the distributors in Mexico for SENATOR and ROUBILL pens from Germany, TOKAI lighters for promotion business, THE PARTNER leather goods from Italy, LEGIS diaries from Colombia, as well as from many other producers located in more than 15 countries in different parts of the world.

Our company catalogue is renewed year after year in order to be able to show the latest trends that are presented in the most popular gift shows worldwide.  Our product line is kept in stock in our different warehouses both in Mexico City and Guadalajara.  At least 90% of the goods shown in our catalogue are kept in stock.  Our storage space in Mexico City is greater than  3,000 square meters.

As a specialized partner for the distribution of promotion gifts, we have our own print shop in our facility in Mexico City.  We have more than 15 automatic machines and huge capacity for printing big orders of pens, lighters and other goods.  Our printing equipment consists of different technologies such as silk screen machines (automatic and semiautomatic), hot stamping, pad print, laser engraving, diamond engraving, and recently digital transfer printing.

We belong to promotion gift associations such as AMPPRO in Mexico, PSI in Europe, ASI and PPAI in the USA.

If you are a current supplier of our company or if you want to become one of our worldwide business partners please visit our global partner site at www.maxidistribucion.com.mx where you can find more details about our company.

Yours very truly,

The management